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Children's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Registration


We are back this Fall with a modified program for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense.  Our classes will be taught in a much smaller format with focus on solo drills and limited physical contact.  In mitigating risk of contact, we have grappling dummies available for classes, we encourage partnership with siblings and in some cases can approve authorized training partners.  

Registration opened August 17, 2020.  Don't Miss Out!

Follow the link on our home page for your registration form! Classes fill up quickly!

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Belt Tying for Beginners

This video on Youtube from Gracie Academy is a great tutorial on how to tie your belt. They demonstrate three variations.  All are great but we mostly use the THIRD variation.

Watch it and practice it at home!  



Unlock your child's potential by giving them the opportunity to learn a powerful and life changing martial art. The cornerstones of our program are to instill :

Discipline, Confidence, Respect & Comradery

Evening Kids Classes 

Tuesday/Thursday and Wednesday Nights

Founded in the concept that the smaller, weaker person can overcome the larger, stronger assailiant, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an art that naturally fits with anti-bullying and self-defense.

Our kids program teaches how to verbally defend oneself to discourage an attacker and the use of non violent techniques to protect oneself.  It improves listening skills, instills respect and improves confidence.  Most kids joining our program have little to no martial arts experience.  

Our children's program runs in 2 phases per year: 

September to December and January to April, each session followed by a grading.

May and June training is competition focused with the goal of competing in the Manitoba Open and NexGen tournaments.

Celebrate your birthday in the Shark Tank and Make it OSSome!

Birthday party bookings are available on Saturday and Sundays.  Parties include one hour of structured play time incorporating BJJ techniques and games followed by one hour in the Shark Tank room .  Other options include Nerf gun battles,  bouncy house set up, video gaming parties, craft parties and pajamas & pancakes.  Contact us to plan your next party! Outside food welcome.  Fee starts at $225.  

Why not book a Nerf War at Forge for your next birthday party?  The battlefield is ready! All parties come with the use of 10 Nerf Rival guns, ammunition, protective eyeware, target shooting and an hour of supervised battle time.  

Afterwards unwind in the Shark Tank for an hour to open gifts and snack.   Use of the air hockey table included.  All parties come with freshly popped popcorn and a free week of jiu jitsu classes for all attendees!!

Birthday Party Request Form

Click to download your party registration form and book your event NOW!!

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Registration Opens December 1

Classes start January 11, 2020

Our BJJ program is available in a special condensed format for 4 & 5 year olds this Fall and Winter (child must be attending Kindergarten in order to qualify)!  Children Grade 1 and up can attend regular kids evening classes.

Running 45 minutes on a Saturday morning  we will introduce your child to the foundations of Brazilian JiuJitsu in a fun format of moving and rolling  around on the mats!  This class requires the purchase of a gi (uniform)

Every Saturday morning from 10:30 to 11:15 am.  Parents welcome on mats with kids!

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The Shark TANK

A great alternative to traditional daycare!  Teach your child BJJ and you give them a skill for life!

Within walking distance of Ecole Dugald, our staff will safely walk your children to and fro school from our facility.  

Our program includes an hour of instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu followed by some quiet time in our shark tank to hang out and do a variety of other activities while waiting for parents to pick up by 5:45 pm. Enrollment in our program includes in-service days and summer holidays.

A Before and After School Martial Arts Program serving families in the RM of Springfield

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