A black belt is a white belt who never gave up 

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Starting the first week of June until the end of August!

Get your rashguards and shorts out, we will be training no gi once a week all summer!  Contact us if you need to order shirts and shorts as we carry Kingz and Maeda gear!


Inquire at [email protected] or call 204-960-1411

Ideal for individuals with a hectic schedule or on rotating shift work, our prepaid 10 pack provides the opportunity to train without the commitment of a 3 month contract, providing best value for your dollar. 

WOMEN'S ONLY BJJ - Coming September 2019

Founded in self defense but also big in sport, BJJ empowers girls and women to succeed both on the mats and off!

Running on Friday evenings, this ladies only program is aimed at 16 years and up to to nurture and promote the fighting spirit of women of all ages through the teachings of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  

BJJ teaches not only self defense, but also techniques that work in real life situations, are translatable into sport competition and levels the playing field between men and women like no other martial art.

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Adult BJJ

Using the Behring Progressive Guard system, students learn the foundations of BJJ and self-defence.  Suitable to men and women of all ages, no previous martial arts experience is required, start anytime. Membership includes unlimited classes and open mat on Saturdays.

Childrens BJJ

We teach the basics and fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to children age 6-12 in a safe and fun environment. Kids can start anytime and no previous experience is necessary. Our kids program teaches children to be better listeners, show greater respect and improve confidence.

Li'l Rollers

A pint sized version of our Childrens BJJ program, this is for the lil ones age 4 and 5 years old. Class is every Saturday morning at 10:15 and runs 45 minutes long.  The goal is to introduce them to BJJ and get them moving and rolling around the mats.

Womens Only SeIf Defense

This once a week program wiII provide you with the abiIity to handIe a potentiaIIy vioIent situation with controI and confidence using martiaI arts techniques from bjj, karate , kung fu and judo. 

Tweens and Teens

Youth aged 11 - 15 join us on Wednesday evenings to come learn the foundations of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with your peers!  Learn self defense techniques, the sport side of Jiu-Jitsu for competition purposes and experience a martial art that levels the playing field between men, women and different weight classes like no other.

The Shark Tank

An after school martial arts program that will introduce children ages 6-11 to the basics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a safe and fun environment.  Available to students of Ecole Dugald and Oakbank Elementary, we include a variety of activities that will keep your child moving! Enrollment includes in-service days and summer holidays.

Membership Prices are by the Month with a 3 Month Minimum Contract

Youth Program Prices 

are for Four Month Programs as per below

Weekly Schedule

Women's Only Self Defense last class is June 17.  Next round will be September.

Women's Only BJJ starting in September.

Children's Classes resume in September on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  

Children's Registration opens August 1, 2019.

Fall Lil Rollers TBD

Inquire About DISCOUNTS!!

Discounts available for additional family members as well as on prepaid memberships!

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